2015 Speakers

Lesley Berglund / Co-Chair, WITS

J. Smoke Wallin / Co-Chair, WITS

Andre Atemasov, E-Commerce Executive

Jim Brammer, Soaring Vistas Media Aerial Photography, Owner

James Marshall Berry / Owner, JMB Web Consulting - Chief Strategy Officer, Wine and the Web

John Collins / CEO, GreatVines

John W. Edwards, II, Sr. Counsel, Hinmann & Carmichael, LLC

Scott Evans, VP Marketing, the Henry Wine Group

Charles Gill, Founder & CEO, WineMetrics

John Hinman, Founding Partner, Hinman & Carmichael LLC

Tim Jones, Chief Customer Success Officer, GreatVines

Max Kalehoff, Chief Marketing Officer, Social Code

Paul Mabray, VP Marketing, W2O

Michael Pavone, President & CEO, quench

Laurie Rains, Vice President, Retail Consulting and Analytics Group, Nielsen

Karla Reed, Vice President Information Technology, Vintage Wine Estates

Richard Rice, Sr. Security Architect, WaveStrong

Mike Ricci, Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Fusion

Brad Rosen, DRYNC Co-Founder & CEO

Brian Rosen, Managing Director, Rosen Retail for Alcohol Beverage

Joe Rosenberg, Strategic Partner Manager, Emerging Business Development Group, Google

David Samoranski, Co-founder, 2 Week Sprints

Josh Saunders, CEO, Uncork’d

Chris Spear, Vice President, Business Solutions

Rebecca Stamey-White, Partner, Hinman & Carmichael. LLC

Aaron Strout, President, WCG, a W20 Company

Dr. Elizabeth Thach MW, Professor, Wine Business Management, Sonoma State

Harpreet Walia, President & CEO, WaveStrong

Clay Wallin, VP Sales, Vistaar

Michael Waters, Security Evangelist, WaveStrong, Inc.

Geni Whitehouse / CPA, Countess of Communication, Brotemarkle & Davis, CPA, Countess of Communication, BDCo. & Solve Services