Jim Brammer, Soaring Vistas Media Aerial Photography, Owner

Jim Brammer
Jim Brammer, Soaring Vistas Media Aerial Photography, Owner

Jim Brammer is an award-winning photographic artist and owner of Soaring Vistas Media, providing aerial photography and videography services from Aerial Photography Platforms (APPs) commonly known as Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) or "Drones".  An accomplished photographer, as well as APP pilot, Jim works directly with his Clients to provide industry-leading quality and takes great pride in his safe, collaborative approach, flexibility, creativity and positive attitude toward accomplishing every aerial photography assignment.

Jim utilizes safe and highly-stable, custom-built Aerial Photography Platforms employing redundant flight control systems and three-axis camera gimbals, stabilized by inertial management systems, to provide high-quality images and HD video from unique perspectives. Leveraging real-time video downlink broadcast from the APP to ground-station monitors, Jim provides the Client with a view of exactly what his flying camera sees, allowing dynamic adjustment of framing and composition "on the fly" to ensure that the right shot is captured every time.

Soaring Vistas Media specializes in 1) marketing and diagnostic projects for the wine, agriculture and ranching industries and 2) commercial and residential real estate, enabling agents and brokers to showcase their listings. Additionally, Jim is available for any creative project that calls for a safe, ethical and professional approach to HD aerial photography.