2009 Wine Industry Technology Symposiumâ„¢ Presentations

Embracing Social Media & Commerce: Basics of Web 2.0 Technologies
Presented by:
Stephen Gilberg, CEO,& Founder, DrinkTwits, Inc.
Philip James, Founder, Snooth
Adon Kumar, President, Wine-Searcher.com
Free or Low Cost Web Technologies to Run Your Business
Presented by:
Mike Blom, Owner, Napa Barrel Care
Dani Forsey, Business & Marketing Specialist
Brad Gates, Director, Technical Infrastructure Services, Foster's Wine Estates Americas

Keynote Address: Dancing and Drinking with Megaphones
Presented by:
Pete Blackshaw, Executive Vice President, Digital Strategic Services, Nielsen Online
Technology Leadership: Business Intelligence
Presented by:
Herbert Klein, Industry Lead, Consumer Products, Oracle
Consumer Direct Sales: Consumer Direct Metrics, Benchmarking & Best Practices
Presented by:
Tammy Boatright, President, Synchronicity Consulting
Pamela Hiett, Regional Direct Sales Manager, Jackson Family Wines
Dan Michael, Marketing Director, E & J Gallo
Jennifer Becker Founder, Ensemble Marketing Group

Trade Sales & Marketing: The Latest, Greatest in Sales Force Automation
Presented by:
Bill Evanow, Vice President, Sales, salesforce.com
Alana Kaselitz, Principal Founder, Echo Lane
LaneJim Thompson, Founder and CEO, Rogue IT

Vineyard & Winery Operations: Blend Management
Presented by:
Lisa Russell, Corporate Wine Quality Manager, F. Korbel & Bros., Inc.
Consumer Direct Sales: Prescriptive Approach to Media Success for Wineries
Presented by:
Tim Elliott, Acan Media and Winecast.net
Evan Cover, CEO Cruvee.com
Agent Red, Founder, The Wine Spies, LLC
Shana Ray ,Social Media Consultant, shanaray.com

Trade Sales & Marketing: Cracking the Code at Wal-Mart and Large Retailers
Presented by:
Mark Tobin, BI Director Chateau Ste. Michelle
Maggie Popplewell, PM/EC-Supply Chain Leader

Vineyard & Winery Operations: Vineyard Data Management: Advances in Handheld Technologies In the Vineyards (Click below for presentations)
Collecting ProductionField Data
Presented by:
Dion Harste, President & Founder, Ag Code, Inc.

From Field to Insight Scalable Field-Data Collection
Presented by:
Robin Wood, Chief Technology Officer, SureHarvest

Handheld Technology in the Vineyards:How we use it
Presented by:
Garrett Buckland, Premiere Viticultural Services