2008 Wine Industry Technology Symposiumâ„¢ Presentations

Direct to Consumer "Strength in Numbers" How Metrics Make the Difference
Presented by:
Mack Schwing (WISE Academy)

Direct to Consumer "Strength in Numbers" Tasting Room
Presented by:
Dan Michael (E&J Gallo)

Food and Beverage 2012: Trends and Challenges
Presented by:
Alan C Thomas (Deloitte Consulting LLP)

Foster's Wine Estates Blend Management

Grape Management: From Contract to Crush Pad
Presented by:
Maggie Huffman (Foster's Wine Estates Americas)
Bruce Phillips (Constellation Brands)
Herbert Klein (Oracle)
Garrett Buckland (Viticultural Services)

General Session Content Overview:
Presented by:
Lesley Berglund (WITS Event Co-Chair)

Green Tech Advances in the Vineyard:
Presented by:
Nick Frey (Sonoma Winegrape Commission),
Pam Mitchell (SureHarvest)
Julie Nord (Nord Vineyards)

Innovations & Change in the Global Supply Chain:
Presented by:
Benjamin Gordon (BG Strategic Advisors, LLC)

New Methods in Wine Production
Presented by:
Brian Smith (Vinovation, Inc.)

Strength in Numbers: Email
Presented by:
Jeremy Benson (Benson Marketing Group)

Tank Fermentation Management A Small Winery Perspective
Presented by:
Michael McNeill (Hanzell Vineyards)

Privacy and Data Security Compliance
Presented by:
Jeff Carroll
Terry Ramos (Strategic Alliances Qualys)
Rachel Matteo-Boehm (Holme Roberts & Owen LLP)
Eric Johnson (Ste. Michelle Wine Estates)

The Business Case for On-Demand Solutions: Sales/Marketing/Inventory:
Presented by:
Nancy Berkowitz (Dimensional Insight)
Sarah Elliman (Submerce eBusiness)

Vision Applications on a Bottling Line

Wine Clubs and E-Commerce
Presented by:
Matt Wood (Icon Estates)